Nice to know: Our Ultra2/2/XL meet by far the IEC 62471 standard: Therefore weorking with the Ultra work light poses absolutely no risk of retina damage.

Use and Aftersales Service

Congratulations on the purchase of this quality Ultra2/3/XL light.

We don’t want to be part of a throw-away society. Our products are built to last and to be easily maintained or repaired. If you need help with maintenance or if there is a malfunction, we can assist you. If, in the hopefully distant future, you decide to stop using our products, please return them to us.

Some Notes:

Every individual lamp is supplied with a manual. Before use, it is important that you thoroughly read and understand the user guide and comply with the warnings and instructions it contains. Explosion-safe materials must be selected and installed by specially trained and qualified personnel, considering the relevant stipulations in the EN 60079-14 installation standard.

• Better safe than sorry: Please check the lamp and the spares visually before entering the hazardous area. Make sure, as an example, the rubber coating of the optional magnets is untorn.

• In case of malfunction, the work light must be immediately removed from the hazardous area.

• If the housing, grip, or lens of the Ultra work light is cracked, dented, broken, or no longer in good condition for any other reason, or if the work light has become very dirty, it must be repaired and/or cleaned. Do not use a high-pressure cleaner.

• The Ultra work light may only be repaired with original parts, and repairs may only be carried out by qualified professionals trained according to the EN 60079-19 standard. Maintenance of the Ultra2/3/XL work light is subject to the requirements stipulated in the EN 60079-17 standard and the relevant local regulations.

• Rechargeable items should be recharged outside of a hazardous area.

If the Ultra2/3/XL light is to be returned, please read the instructions and information provided here.


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