Rechargeable work lights

Today, illuminating a work space in ATEX zones can be difficult. Matters are getting even more difficult with a large area, which is also a confined space with the obligation to use extra low voltage. Problems are than only getting greater.

Challenges with regular work lights

For example, you will need expensive ATEX transformers, too short cables or voltage drop, not enough power, wrong make of type of ATEX plugs, two or three pin non compatible plugs, just to mention a couple problems you can come across. And finally you will need an electrician to do the installation or the checks. And of course, one must avoid to create a dangerous situation just by simply tripping over the cables.

Rechargeable work lights is the solution of today

Rechargeable work lights avoids all the problems described above. Of course you need a strong battery: nothing can be so disturbing as a battery than equipment that let you down on the wrong moment.

The portable rechargeable led work light

Our revolutionary portable rechargeable led work light, Ultra2, has a battery which guarantees an operating time of 8 (eight) hours. Not only new out of the box: the Ultra2 has four years guaranty on the battery. And stays bright during all this time.

Rechargeable work light with magnetic base

A magnetic base is the perfect solution to attach a work light, such as the Ultra, to a metallic surface. We value your safety, therefore the magnets are lined for spark protection. Additionally, our magnets have a flexible connection to the bracket. This allows you to attach the rechargeable work light on an uneven surface. 

The rechargeable Ultra2 in use at ATEX zones

Shell, a oil refinery in the Netherlands, has worked with the rechargeable Ultra2 work light for many years. The petrochemical company uses the Ultra2 for cleaning and maintenance activities. ATEX regulations apply in this area.

Rechargeable led work light.

We offer portable the rechargeable led work light  available with different operating time up to non stop eight hours.



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