Ultra series: portable explosion proof lighting

Discover the best portable explosion proof lighting. The Ultra-series are designed for professionals in hazardous areas.

The Ultra-series: the innovative explosion proof work lights

The Ultra work light series, the Ultra2 and the Ultra3 are quality products for professionals working in hazardous areas.

The Ultra series means:


  • The chosen materials mean many years of use.
  • The housing is of lightweight but throughout antistatic polypropylene.
  • The choice is obviously non-toxic.
  • That is maintenance free and keeps shape and colour also in harsh weather.
  • Bolts and other metal parts are from stainless steel, the front shield is of tempered glass.
  • Tempered glass is spark free, detergent resistant and withstands sharp cleaning tools.
  • The batteries are maintenance free too and come with four years guarantee.
  • The capacity of the batteries is unique: more than 50Ah guaranteeing many years of hassle-free functioning.
  • Metal accessories are obviously of stainless steel.


  • Even though the capacity of the battery is as much as in a middle-sized family car, the lamp weighs an unbelievable 5.6 kg.
  • The grip is large and comfortable, also when gloves are used.
  • The optional subframe makes positioning adjustable with one gloved hand only.


  • Design to save room is on purpose stackable.
  • Charging indicator.
  • Visible warning 30 minutes before empty battery
  • A light signal emission 30 minutes before empty batteries.


  • Designed and produced in the Netherlands.
  • ATEX certified by Germany based DEKRA
  • Light emission safe according to IEC 62471
  • The lamps float
  • Shockproof construction.

Which one suits your job?


We find our products with customers in

  • the petro- and chemical industry,
  • in food processing,
  • with wine and distillery production
  • in industrial cleaning.

The lightweight flood lights are easy to use in difficult to reach areas like maintenance and cleaning of floating roof of tank storage. The Ultra is also very popular in painting halls, sewage tunnels and with aircraft building and maintenance.

Suitable for many tasks
Designed to be easily used during cleaning, installation work, maintenance or inspection or during an emergency situation.


Dutch Design, Made in Holland 
The Ultra family of products have been developed and are produced for Necplus by Artidor in the Netherlands.


Too many cables

Revolutionary Ultra explosions proof work light

Available in 3 models:

  • Ultra-Safe or SafeBoy, Ultra1:
    Offers great ease of use and is handy and compact.
  • Rechargeable led floodlight Ultra2:
    Has an incredible operating time of 8 hours at 3200 lumen and gives you quick access to hard-to-reach places.
  • Portable led floodlight Ultra3:
    An one size fits all solution: 25W, 24V-28V AC/DC and connectable with both two and three pin connectors.

Ultra-series: our three flavours


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