Ultra: portable explosion proof lighting

The first safe, easy and economically portable explosion proof lighting. Designed for professionals working in hazardous area.

The Ultra-series: the innovative explosion proof work light

The ultra work light series are quality products for professionals in petro- and chemical industry and other hazardous areas.

Dutch Design, Made in Holland 
Design is made with flat surface on front, making the lamp easy to stack. It has a solid an comfortable grip with protective round edges.
The lamp is waterproof and will even float.

Suitable for many industries:
Designed to be easily used during cleaning, installation work, maintenance or inspection. The Ultra is very popular in the petro- and chemical industry, like painting. Also, the lamp is commonly used with aircraft building and maintenance and sewages tunnels.

Revolutionary Ultra explosions proof work light

Available in 3 models:

  • Ultra-Safe or SafeBoy, Ultra1:
    Offers great ease of use and is handy and compact.
  • Rechargeable led floodlight Ultra2:
    Has an incredible operating time of 8 hours at 3200 lumen and gives you quick access to hard-to-reach places.
  • Portable led floodlight Ultra3:
    An one size fits all solution: 25W, 24V-28V AC/DC and connectable with both two and three pin connectors.

Ultra-series: our three flavours


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