Magnetic base for the Ultra led work light 

Need a magnetic base for your rechargeable led work light? Do not look further. These magnets work perfectly with the portable Ultra work light, which makes flexible work possible. 

About the Ultra magnet set

All you need for demanding work: the Ultra rechargeable led work light, the charger and accessories, like magnets. These magnets are designed for the innovative Ultra2 and Ultra3 work lights.

Magnets for your led work light

Use the magnets to attach the work light to a metallic surface. Power-coated bracket of sturdy 3 mm. Stainless steel with two round magnets. The magnets have a flexible connection to the brackets allowing the use on an uneven surface. Four countersunk stainless steel screws M6x20 included.

Working on an oil plant? Thanks to the magnets the lamp is easy to position in a storage tank, machine room or other places where surrounded by steel frames or constructions: Complete set with mounting bracket and three magnets. The magnets are lined as spark protection as should be in ATEX area.

Rechargeable led work light with magnetic base

A magnetic base makes it possible to place the lamp anywhere on a surface and letting it stand on it’s own. You do not need anything else.
Although the magnetic base works perfectly, maybe using a hook has your preference. We provide these as well. Find out about our hooks here.

Product number 6920357 
DescriptionMagnet set
SpecificationsThree magnets on a stainless steel bracket.
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