Extension cable


Electrical power where needed.

explosion proof work light
atex zone 1, 2 (gasses)
atex zone 21, 22 (dust)

About the explosion proof extension cables.

Easy to take the necessary power with you.

Built with CEAG 16A plug and mobile sockets and H07RN-F flexible cable. Cable length max. 25m.

Part numberDescriptionVoltLength
1340020L15Ceag 3p plug and mobile socket230V15m.
1340020L20Ceag 3p plug and mobile socket230V20m.
1340020L25Ceag 3p plug and mobile socket230V25m.
1740020L15Ceag 2p plug and mobile socket24V15m.
1740020L20Ceag 2p plug and mobile socket24V20m.
1740020L25Ceag 2p plug and mobile socket24V25m.
1740021L15Ceag 3p plug and mobile socket24V15m.
1740021L20Ceag 3p plug and mobile socket24V20m.
1740021L25Ceag 3p plug and mobile socket24V25m.
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