Tripod makes it possible for the Ultra work light to stand on it own. Therefore, it provides excellent overhead lighting. A perfect fit for temporary installations.

About the Ultra Tripod

All you need for demanding work: the lamp, the charger and accessories. Configuration upon demand.

The Ultra tripod provides excellent overhead lighting, to have light higher up. The height is adjustable from 1,38 m. to 2,50 m.

No hassle or gables needed, as the Ultra is a rechargeable LED work light. Therefore, the tripod is quickly folded up and easy to carry anywhere. Are you working in maintenance or on construction sites?  This tripod is a popular choice for temporary installations.

Also, the tripod is solid and made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.

To tripod needs to be combined with the subframe (6960430).

Product number 6960416  
AvailableGalvanized steel (6960416)
Stainless steel (6960516).
DimensionsHeight: 1,38 m. to 2,50 m.
NoteUpon demand extra low and extra high tripods.
Note 2Must be combined with subframe
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