(p/n 6960430)

The subframe for the Ultra work light is designed to tilt the lamp from a lower angler to aim more precisely onto your project. The subframe is especially convenient when there is no surface to adjust the lamp to.

About the Ultra subframe

All you need for demanding work: the lamp, the charger and accessories.

Handy to keep the lamp slightly off the ground and to aim it more precisely. The adjusting knob is designed for use with one hand only -keeping the other hand free – , and even possibly in a glove.

As a standalone item the sub frame helps to position the light towards the object: it gives the possibility to tilt the lamp up to even 270 degrees. Adjustment to the desired angle through one knob: easy operation even with gloves on.

The subframe is also needed as a connector between the lamp and a possible tripod.

Product number 6960430
MetalEnamelled stainless steel
OperatingAngle adjusting with one hand possible, even gloved
With tripodNecessary when using tripod.
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