Rechargeable, accessible, and no strings attached. The Ultra2 offers a unique ease of use. Lightweight, maintenance free and applicable in many demanding environments.


We at Atexindustries have a partnership with Necplus BV, where we are representing their Ultra product line.
Per october 2024, finally Necplus BV and Atexindustries BV merged into a company with the name of Atexindustries BV.

About Necplus

Nec+ B.V. is a manufacturer of explosion proof safety lighting, based in Woudrichem, the Netherlands. Our broad knowledge about ATEX regulation, in combination with the expertise of our specialists, enables us to create the perfect safety light for usage within hazardous areas.

Nec+ and Artidor Explosion Safety B.V.

Nec+ is cooperating with Artidor, who developped, certified and manufactures our products as Artidor Explosion Safety B.V., a globally operating organization specialized in the development and production of ATEX equipment. Their years of experience in researching and developing hazardous area solutions, is a strong and solid foundation for Nec+.


The Ultra product line generally requires little to no maintenance. Our products are equipped with life-long LEDs and consist of only digital components. However, if you do require assistance, please contact us.


At Necplus BV we want to make sure that all hazardous area professionals are equipped with the right material. We strive to produce the safest luminaires in order to exceed the expectations of our users.


We envision a world without accidents, a safe working environment within all Ex. hazardous areas.

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