(p/n 6960440)

This leather poach has the perfect fit for the Ultra and is the normal accessory if you need to keep your hands free. Find out more.

About the Ultra leather poach

All you need for demanding work: the Ultra lamp, the charger and accessories.

A must when walking and climbing on the plant. Keep your hands free with this poach. The poach is made for ATEX zones from real leather and stainless steel fittings. Climb a ladder with your hands free, and carry the lamp in the custom made leather pouch on your shoulder.

Full grain leather of 2.5 mm. including leather strap. Buckles and metal parts in stainless steel. Side pocket for charger.

leather pouch
CompositionFull grain leather of 2.5 mm. Buckles and metal parts in stainless steel.
DimensionsSuitable for one lamp Ultra2 or Ultra3. Separate pocket for Ultra2 charger.
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