(p/n 6960450)

A comprehensive transport case to wrap your Ultra work light, together with all the necessaries. A complete work set ready to use for high demanding work.

About the Ultra Protective Case

All you need for demanding work: the lamp, the charger and accessories.

The Ultra work light is available with a comprehensive tool case. In this box, there is room for all the accessories you need to get the work done: the magnet set and hook, complete with the charger.

Everything you need is packed together in one tool case. Therefore, ready to use for every happening. Which makes the tool case the ultimate accessory for high demanding work, like emergencies.

Note: The suitcase is not ATEX certified and cannot be taken into a hazardeous area. Contact us for more info.

Protective case

Product number6960450
SpecificationsProtective case for easy transportation.
Room for one Ultra2/UltraXL,
one magnet set, manual and charger.
Dimensions 600 x 240 x 410 mm
Weight5,5 kg
NoteNot to be taken into hazardeous area.

Not suitable for lamp with
subframe mounted.
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