Information about maintenance or repair


In the event of defective or damaged Ultra equipment, we are happy to ensure that these valuable items function properly and safely again, and we restore them to good condition.

Please follow the procedure below.

If you want to dispose of Ultra equipment, we can take this product back for recycling as part of the circular economy. We ask you to follow the procedure below for this as well.

1. Procedure

• Please contact us by email ( or by telephone (+31183309333).
• We will send you our RMA – or download the RMA here – , which we ask you to complete and return to us as soon as possible by email.
• The delivery address is also stated on this document. Please note that this differs from the office address of Atexindustries (see below).
Costs for forwarding incorrectly addressed boxes are your responsibility.
• Please remove all accessories, except if they are part of the problem.
• Please clean the Ultra equipment to ensure the returned items are free from any harmful substances.
• Please consider:

– Toxic, caustic, corrosive contamination

– Biological hazard

– Radioactive contamination

– Or any other harmful substances

The RMA includes a statement regarding harmful substances on the equipment or in/on the package.
• Please ensure this is signed by a person responsible for the circumstances where the equipment is used. You bear responsibility for safe dispatch without contaminating products. The workshop may refuse to accept equipment if it is unclear whether the material is contaminated or if the statement has not been rightfully signed.
• Please pack the equipment in a solid and shockproof box.
• Include the filled RMA inside or on the box.
• If the equipment contains (lithium) batteries, a DG (Dangerous Goods) procedure may apply. See separate info below.
• Ensure the equipment arrives free of duties. Any duties or costs for receipt will be charged to you and if you are located outside the EU, duties may be applicable. See separate info below.
• Freight is at your cost.

2. Our Job

• We will repair, maintain, or replace using original components. Ultra equipment is ATEX certified, and repairs are executed following the EN 60079-17 and EN 60079-19 standards.
Repair below € 500,00 will be executed without prior quotation, as this will simplify and speed up the procedures.
Only with costs over € 500,00 euro or at your written request stated on the related RMA we will send you by email a quotation with the costs of our intervention.
• We use the email address stated on the RMA.
• After repair or maintenance, you will receive an itemized invoice mentioning the serial number(s) of the item(s).
• Repaired items will have the same guarantee and conditions as new items. The conditions can be found in Article 11 of our Terms and Conditions. These conditions are already in your possession and can be found on our website.

3. Return

• We will notify you by email when your item is ready. We will use the email address provided on the RMA.
• Upon request, we can arrange freight.
• Incoterms 2010: FCA. We will arrange the necessary documents.
• Return freight is at your cost.
• Requirements for free repair under warranty: see the notes in the equipment manual and the relevant text in our Terms and Conditions, in particular Article 11.
• To avoid storage costs, return freight and pickup must be arranged within 30 days after the notification that the item is ready. Incurred storage costs may be charged at the rate of €100.00/30 days.
• You can also refuse the repair proposal (see 2). We will take care of the recycling (see 6), but we will not return the broken items as this can lead to dangerous situations, nor will we reimburse for it.

4. Dangerous Goods

• Equipment with lithium batteries or individual lithium batteries may be subject to Dangerous Goods (DG) regulations. Sending this equipment may therefore be difficult and could require local expertise.
• We cannot provide such expertise outside the Netherlands.
• If DG proves too difficult, we can send you instructions on how to test the battery and how to remove it from the Ultra equipment.

Please contact us for more information.
• For return freight, we can arrange third-party DG expertise. Please contact us for further details.

5. Outside the EU.

To avoid unnecessary duties:
• Clearly state on the documents accompanying the equipment (Proforma, packing list, way bill etc) that this not
export from you to us, but a temporary return of broken equipment for reparation. Every document and country
may have different wording. Please check.
• Please consider that the stated value of a broken lamp defines the calculated duties.

6. Recycling.

We take the environment seriously.
• If you need to dispose of your equipment, the relevant parts of the text above (1. Procedure, 4. Dangerous Goods, and 5. Outside the EU) also apply. Please follow the same steps.
• However, clearly note on the RMA form that you are abandoning the equipment you sent. We will take back returned materials for recycling free of charge and without compensation. On the accompanying documents, also indicate the lowest possible value here.

7. Happy end.

It may have been unfortunate that an intervention was needed from our part, but when returned, you will have an item as good as new, which can offer you many hours of safe work again!

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