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 portable work lighting

About portable work lighting

The story of Atexindustries started in 1996. Atexindustries came from Opti-Light and is a specialist in portable ATEX certified material. We are professionals in portable floodlights or work lights and handheld lamps. We are proud to deliver a complete solution and offer a wide range of products. From the point where electrical equipment enters the hazardous area, up to the point where the portable luminaire is used: we supply plugs, sockets, transformers, cable reels, extention cables. This enables us to deliver a perfect solution for your unique and particular situation.

Today we can also supply the best rechargeable solution: the Ultra2 with an operating time of eight hours – a full working day -, boosting 3200 lumen.

Our company world wide

Our portable luminaries are used in a large variety of industries. The smallest products are ideal in close quarters, such as the inside of an aircraft’s fuel tank.  While our larger models ensure enough light emission to light large area’s, such as the inside of an oil storage. No matter what occupation or working condition, you can always find the right product for your task.

We offer our services to a whole range of companies and you can find our products in the aircraft-, shipping- , chemic- and oil industries. We are currently active all over Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East, and are always looking for new growth opportunities.

Optilight and Atexindustries

Atexindustries is a part of the Opti-Light Group based in the Netherlands. The Opti-Light group, consisting of four companies, is since 1996 a strong


brand in Europe. We have over 20 years experience in delivering portable lighting all over Europe and north Africa. Our clients can be found in a large variety of industries, such as: Aircraft – & ship building and the Petrol-chemical industries.

Atexindustries is located in Woudrichem, only 50 km from Rotterdam,  80 km from Antwerp and 120 km from Germany and on the riverbanks of the Rhine.

We envision a world where every professional is equipped with the right material, so one can safely work in all hazardous areas.

Our partner, producer of the Ultra products: Artidor.

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