Specialist in portable floodlights

We do portable

That is, with our:

Explosion proof portable work lighting

Atexindustries is the successor of Optilight, which started selling portable equipment in 1996.
Thus, Atexindustries became a long-term specialist in ATEX certified portable or mobile work lights.
We supply the best portable floodlights: The Ultra series.
Using the Ultra2 or Ultra3 floodlights for your work means saving money from day one while working in an easier way.

Our floodlights are used everywhere in worldwide industries:

• Aircraft industry
• Ship-building
• Oil and petrochemical industry
• Chemical industry
• Onshore and Offshore
• Shipping companies
• Suppliers (maintenance, painting, blasting companies, etc.)
• Rental companies


Here are some of the companies that uses our products:

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