Rechargeable waterproof led work light keeps floating

Benefits of a waterproof work light

Why one needs a waterproof work light? A waterproof work light is compatible to any construction or job site, in- or outdoors. No matter the weather: snow or rain, you can rely on a high-quality work light to get the job done. Without worrying that it will get damaged by water. The Ultra work lights even float on water. Therefore, you will not even worry when the lamp falls in the water. This powerful and waterproof led work light is great for mechanics and other professionals.

Is a waterproof work light something for you?

When do you need a waterproof work light? We want professionals to work in a safe environment, whether they are working in petrochem, in aviation industries or shipping industries. Therefore, we use innovative design to alter hazardous areas for the better.
Are you working in oil storage tanks? Or on a offshore platform? A lightweight work light will give you quick access to hard-to-reach places.
Or are you a professional working in the shipping construction industry? You no longer need to bother about short circuit caused by water with a rechargeable waterproof work light. 

shockproof portable work light

Rechargeable waterproof led work light

The Ultra work lights have a waterproof rating of IP65. This is one of the features that make the Ultra led work lights stand out from others. Due to IP65 waterproof rating and it’s lightweight (only 5,5 kg), the rechargeable led work light is even able to float on water! Furthermore, the Ultra2 has an operating time up to 8 hours at 3200 lumen.

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