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temporary lighting

temporary lighting for construction

During various industrial activities, it may happen that lighting is only needed temporarily: during the construction of ships, during maintenance or cleaning stops in the process industry, during the repair of machines, aircraft, engines, etc. Does it concern a project at a location with a large surface, like between petrochemical installations, area lighting such as light towers or mobile light towers is a good solution. If more local light is needed, portable or movable work lighting is the most common. You will find a wide selection of portable work lighting on our site. Our program includes lamps from small to large. For example, there is an 6W hand lamp for inspection work, the largest is a work lamp for surface and room lighting in, for example, tanks.

Please note: we focus on the professionals, we offer solutions for the industry, not for the consumer.

What are the characteristics of good work lighting?

•Impact-resistant: after all, it must be able to withstand shocks and other tough handling.
•The housing must not become hot (fire hazard), in the event of breakage, no dangerous situation may arise.
•The light emitted should resemble white sunlight as much as possible.
•The lamp should be energy efficient.
•Ease of use: lightweight and compact in construction, good to position, to hang or put down.
•When falling, the fixture should not be damaged, but neither should the surface on which it falls get damaged.
•Maintenance must be easy to carry out, of course electrical safety is also important.