to rechargeable or not

Today, illuminating a work space in ATEX zones can be difficult. Here some requirements for temporary lighting. Matters are getting even more difficylt with a large area, which is also a confined space with the obligation to use extra low voltage. Problems are than only getting greater:

Expensive ATEX transformers, too short cables or voltage drop, not enough power, wrong make of type of ATEX plugs, two or three pin non compatible plugs, just to mention a couple problems you can come across. And finally you will need an electrician to do the installation or the checks. And of course, one must avoid to create a dangerous situation just by simply tripping over the cables.

Today rechargeable is the solution, avoiding all the above. Of course you need a strong battery: nothing can be so disturbing as a battery than equipment that let you down on the wrong moment.

The battery of the Ultra2 guarantees an operating time of 8 (eight) hours. Not only new out of the box: the Ultra2 has four years guaranty on the battery.

The Ultra2 will revolutionary work in ATEX zones.
Some other features of the Ultra2:

- Battery capacity: as much as a medium sized car: > 50Ah.
- Batteries are maintenance free and have a guaranteed lifetime of 4 years.

- Light flow of 3200 lumen, non glaring white LED light.
- The eyes are protected by an opal filter making working safe for the eyes as well: the Ultra2 complies amply with the requirements for photobiological safety
IEC 62471
- The complete lamp weighs only 5,5kg.
- With only 5,5kg and IP 65 according to EN 60529, the lamp will float in water.

- ATEX certified zone 1, 2, 21, 22, highest possible gas group IIC, tempgroup T4.
- ATEX protection method: ib, intrinsic safe.
- Housing is made of quality antistatic polypropylene: comfortable plastics soft and shock protected.
- Design is made with rounded edges: protecting for damages when falling into something vulnerable.
- Design is made with flat surface on front, making the lamp easy to stack.
- Accessories to make work easier and safer.

- Suitable for inspection, maintenance, cleaning, construction, calamity handling.
But, yes of course, sometime the job is longer than one shift, longer than one day. A lamp or a floodlight with an external power supply can be a better solution.