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Extension cables

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  • 1746125: 25m. 3x2,5 ATX, 24V 2p
  • 1736125: 25m. 3x2,5 ATX, 24V 3p
  • 1646125: 25m. 3x2,5 ATX, 42V 2p
  • 1326130: 30m. 3x2,5 ATX, 230V
  • 1746225: 25m. 3x2,5 CEAG, 24V 2p
  • 1646225: 25m. 3x2,5 CEAG, 42V 2p
  • 1326225: 25m. 3x2,5 CEAG, 230V

Extension cables with ATEX certificate.
Cable HO7RN-F, with a length up to 30m.

With plug and socket of ATX or CEAG.


Dimensions 25m
Cable HO7RN-F
Zones 1, 2, 21, 22
Certificate gas II2G Ex de IIC T4 Gb
Certificate dust II2D Ex tb IIIC T120°C DB IP66
Options Other sizes / configurations on request.