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Introducing the LED rechargeable work light.

The most versatile, economic and safe ATEX work lights.

If you look for a reliable ATEX work light you have here found a comprehensive range of safe Heavy Duty products. The product range consists of four floodlights designed for work under demanding conditions. Easiest, because no hassle with transformers, cables, plugs etc, are the three rechargeable models: emitting a full 3200 lumen, they have an operating time of 8h, 4h or for short action only 2h.

The fourth model is powered, but only for safe voltage. The floodlight can be powered by 24V upto 48V, both AC  or DC and by a powersupply with as well a 3pole or only 2pole. Never anymore an uneasy feeling not working safely.

All four floodlights have the same lightweight and sturdy housing. Not made of metal, which should be earthed or bonded, but of antistatic polypropylene. But the diffuser is made of tempered glass, insusceptible to strong detergents and resisting mechanical scraping.

The new revolutionary ATEX approved rechargeable LED worklight with enough power for a full day work!

ULTRA2: See product

•  3200 lumen!
•  8 hours light!
•   Only 5,5 kg.!

No hassle with power supply, transformers, cables!
•  With over 50Ah as much batterypower as in many family cars.
•  4 year guarantee on the maintenance free battery!
• A quality product from Necplus. Heavy Duty in all details.
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