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Introducing the ATEX rechargeable floodlight.

Atexindustries offers a wide range of Atex approved temporary lighting for usage inside hazardous area's.
Please look at our newest rechargeable ATEX floodlight, the Ultra2:

 Ultra2 general presentation

 Ultra2 shockproof

Ultra2 floating in the water

  Ultra2 in the water

Hazardex: Please read more about the Ultra2

Here:         Go to the product page.




No hassle with power supply, transformers, cables! Therefore: save time and money. Quick access to hard-to-reach places in an ATEX environment. Designed to be easily used during cleaning, installation work, maintenance or inspection. Also, ready to use in case of emergency.

Choose rechargeable!









Proudly we present some of the companies that use the rechargeable Ultra2 for their work.

ULTRA2: See product



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