Introducing the LED rechargeable work light.

The new revolutionary ATEX approved rechargeable LED worklight with enough power for a full day work!
Heavy-Duty in all details.

Atex Industries is specialist in portable and temporary ATEX certified material. We are professionals in work lights and handheld lamps.

ULTRA2: See product

•  3200 lumen!
•  8 hours light!
•   Only 5,5 kg.!

No hassle with power supply, transformers, cables!
•  With over 50Ah as much batterypower as in many family cars.
•  4 year guarantee on the maintenance free battery!
• A quality product from Necplus.
Presentation video:


The Ultra2 will revolutionary work in ATEX zones.

Today, illuminating a work space in ATEX zones can be difficult, and even more if it is also a confined space with the obligation to use extra low voltage like 12V or 24V. Problems are than only getting greater.

Expensive ATEX transformers, too short cables, voltage drop, not enough power, wrong make of type of ATEX plugs, two or three pin non compatible plugs, tripping over the cables. And finally you will need an electrician to do the installation or the checks.

Today rechargeable is the solution, avoiding all the above.












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