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Introducing the LED rechargeable work light.

Atexindustries offers a wide range of Atex approved temporary lighting for usage inside hazardous area's.
Please look at our newest rechargeable ATEX floodlight, the Ultra2:

  Ultra2 general presentation.

  Ultra2 shockproof.   

  Ultra2 floating in the water.

  Ultra2 in the water.

Hazardex: Please read more about the Ultra2

Here:         Go to the product page.




No hassle with power supply, transformers, cables! Therefore: save time and money. Quick access to hard-to-reach places in an ATEX environment. Designed to be easily used during cleaning, installation work, maintenance or inspection. Also, ready to use in case of emergency.

Choose rechargeable!











ULTRA2: See product

•  3200 lumen!
•  8 hours light!
•   Only 5,5 kg.!

•  With over 50Ah as much batterypower as in many family cars.
•  4 year guarantee on the maintenance free battery!
• A quality product from Necplus. Heavy Duty in every detail.
The most versatile, economic and safe ATEX work light.



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