What is ATEX ?

Industrial activities with a risk of explosion have led to higher safety requirements. This led to various guidelines and standards. ATEX was introduced.

When certain amounts of  flammable gases, mists,  vapours or even dust clouds are mixed with the air around us, all they need is a source of ignition to cause an explosion. In order to prevent such an event, the European Union has laid out a set of directives to control working condition in such hazardous areas.

The word ATEX itself  is derived from an older European directive, the French title of the 94/9/EC directive: Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosibles (material suited for usage in explosion hazardous areas).

ATEX is currently used as a synonym for two directives who describe which equipment is allowed in an hazardous environment  and how to classify those hazardous areas with an explosive atmosphere. You can download the complete directives for detailed information.

The ATEX 114 equipment directive 2014/34/EU
The ATEX 153 workplace directive (1999/92/EG)

When operating in an hazardous environment, with an explosive atmosphere it is of outmost importance that the right equipment is being used. All our products are fully certified with regard to the European norms and directives.

We provide all certified products with a certificate.