Atex Industries is the specialist in ATEX certified material. We are proud to deliver a complete lighting solution and offer a wide range of products. From the point where electrical equipment enters the hazardous area, up to the point where the luminaire is used. This enables us to deliver a perfect solution for your unique and particular situation.

A transformer provides the right voltage for your equipment, while an extension cable is required to reach the most remote areas. A splitters assures that multiple products could be used at the same time and a switch ensures that unused equipment can be easily shut off the electrical grid. Everything will be connected by special designed plugs and sockets and Atex Industries delivers all! 

Our portable luminaires are used in a large variety of industries. The smallest products are ideal in close quarters, such as the inside of an aircraft’s fuel tank.  While our larger models ensure enough light emission to light large area’s, such as the inside of an oil storage. No matter what occupation or working condition, you can always find the right product for your task.

We offer our services to a whole range of companies and you can find our products in the aircraft-, shipping- , chemic- and oil industries. We are currently active all over Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East, and are always looking for new growth opportunities.

We envision a world where every professional is equipped with the right material, so they can safely work in all hazardous areas.

Atex Industries is part of Opti-Light France S.A.R.L. Opti-Light France is established in 2005 and based in Lille, France.